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  The Nando Peretti Foundation 2004 Special Meritorius Patron of “Sempre Insieme Per La Pace” Solidarity Network
[2005-02, 2006-05, 2008-33, 2011-58, 2014-062]In 2004 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the "Sempre Insieme per la Pace"...

  Humanitarian Aid for Iraq
In 2004 The Sempre Insieme per la Pace Association asked the Nando Peretti Foundation a contribution for its efforts in supporting the post-war...

  Better Living Conditions for 50 Orphans in Tanzania, Second Year
Year II: 2003 - 2004 Project Description The Nando Peretti Foundation decided to support the Sanganigwa Children's Home in Kigoma for one more...

ITALY, Torrice, Frosinone
  Support to the St. Antony Parrish
The problem of alcoholism in the rural area of Torrice is such that the Nando Peretti Foundation decided to finance the building of a help center...

  Support to 250 Families of the Centre Nando Peretti Roma Sud (formerly Laurentino 38) Housing Estate of Rome
[2004-5 | 2005-8 | 2006-16 | 2007-21 | 2008-42 | 2010-3 | 2010-76 | 2011-49 | 2012-118 | 2013-056 | 2015-005 | 2015-044]Laurentino Fonte Ostiense...

INDIA, Mundgod
  Tuberculosis Prevention and Community Health-Dental Care in Gaden Jangtse Medical Buddha Clinic
In 2003 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the Gaden Jangtse Norling College of Buddhist Cultural and Welfare Association to support a...

KENYA, Laikipia
  An Environmental Education Bus
The Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) is an open-membership, community organisation that aims to conserve the integrity of the Laikipia ecosystem by...

ITALY, Orbetello
  Donation of an Ultrasound Scanner and a Defibrillator
The Nando Peretti Foundation donated an ultrasound scanner to the Pediatric Service of the Nuovo Ospedale San Giovanni di Dio in Orbetello...

  A Toll-Free Help-Line to Alleviate Loneliness
Toll-free number: 800.22.22.24The Association "Messaggeri della Pace" is an non-profit association founded in Spain in 1962. It is...

  Food and School Benches for Orphans
The Nando Peretti Foundation donated to the Government of Bulgaria the funds to purchase school benches and several tons of brown rice for the...

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