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SPAIN, Girona
  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting ACEEGi "All For Horses" campaign to ensure welfare of riding school horses and adequate supplies of fodder and feed (Girona, Spain)
Associació De Centres Esportius Eqüestres De Girona (ACEEGi) is a non-profit membership association encompassing 30 riding stables...

  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Hay, Food Supply and Veterinary Care for Horses at Risk of Starvation
The Italian Horse Protection Association (IHP) is an independent animal rights association committed to the promotion of equine welfare throughout...

ITALY, Liguria
  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Supporting RE-Wild Liguria ODV 's Activities to Restore Wilderness in Ligurian Apennine, and Monitor and Protect the Feral Horses Population in Aveto Regional Park (Italy)
The R(ural)E(nviroment)-Wild Liguria was born out of the ten-year experience of the "Un Cavallo per Amico Onlus" and is committed to...

ITALY, Padua, Rome and Urbino
  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Promoting Horses' Welfare during the Emergency: Food and Support for Three Stables in Need in Padua, Rome and Urbino (Italy)
Horse-Angels ODV is an animal rights non-profit organization founded in 2009 and committed to horse welfare. Volunteers throughout Italy work to...

SPAIN, Catalonia
  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Containing the Social and Sanitary Impact of Covid 19 among the Weakest Roma Communities
Fundació Privada Pere Closa was created in 1998 by a group of young Roma people driven by the belief that the lack of formal education among...

  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - "No House is Far Away" initiative: Psychological and Educational Support to Students from the Ragazzi Don Bosco Village and Food Assistance for Families in Need (Rome, Italy)
Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco was born in the post-war period to respond to a concrete emergency: to welcome hundreds of orphaned children, victims of the...

  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Distribution of Food and Personal Hygiene and Sanitary Products to Elderly People and People with Disabilities and Rebibbia and Regina Coeli Detainees in Rome, Italy
The parish of San Salvatore in Lauro is located in the heart of Renaissance Rome. The community that revolves around San Salvatore in Lauro consists...

ITALY, Campagnano Romano
  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Support to “Fondazione Prelz Onlus” for the supply of food and the Provision of Medical-Veterinary Care for the Animals Hosted in the Kennel in Campagnano Romano, Rome
Prelz Onlus Foundation is an animal rights association founded in 2003 that deals with assistance and hospitalization of abandoned dogs. Its...

  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Distribution of Food and Primary Necessities to Children Living in the Informal Roma Camps of Tor Bella Monaca District and the Slums of Castel Romano, Tor Cervara and Salone in Rome.
Associazione 21 luglio is a non-profit organisation that supports groups and individuals in condition of extreme segregation and discrimination,...

  COVID 19 EMERGENCY - Improving the  Hygienic-Sanitary Conditions of the Selam Palace Community in Rome
Cittadini del Mondo Onlus was founded in 2002 in order to fight social exclusion in all its forms and help migrants to integrate into Italian...

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