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  The Amazonian Rainforests are on Fire!
photo above: Locations of fires, marked in orange, which were detected by MODIS from August 15 to August 22, 2019 The Nando and Elsa Peretti...

TIBET, Domda
  Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods for Poorest and Marginalised Tibetan Nomad Communities of Domda Township.
Associazione per la Solidarietà Internazionale in Asia (ASIA) is an italian INGO which has been working for 30 years in the Tibetan regions of...

  Giving our Wild Neighbours a Future - Support to the Wildlife Recovery Centre of Rome
Birds, especially migratory birds, are victims of numerous causes of mortality and injury, threats to individual fitness, especially in the...

ITALY, Tuscany
  Pilot Project for the Introduction of an Ethical Slaughtering Procedure for Farm Animals
Felcetone's breeding approach is to abide by its animals. Their pigs are not kept indoor like in the intensive livestock system, but they live...

  Support to Associazione Ambientalista Marevivo - Years 2017-2020
Marevivo is a national association recognized by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, with 30 years of experience in protecting the sea and its...

PERU, Madre de Dios
  Biodiversity Protection and Conservation Strategies of Native Vanilla spp. (Orchidaceae) in the Amazon forest of Peru
This project aims to find strategies to protect and conserve exclusive species of native Vanilla in the Amazon forest of Peru, investigating the...

  Project Renitantely: Developing Beekeeping as a Sustainable Livelihood in Rural Communities
In the remote Anosy Region of southeast Madagascar, poverty is at its most extreme. Most people live on less than US$0.5 per day, significantly...

  Endangered species conservation in Cambodia (Siamese crocodiles), Georgia (raptors), Guinea and South Sudan (forest elephants)
Addressing the Capture and Illegal Trade of Raptors in Georgia Twice a year, 1 million raptors migrate through the ‘Batumi Bottleneck’,...

  Protecting Snow Leopards in the Kyrgyz Ala-Too Range of the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan
Listing it as Endangered, the IUCN estimates the current global snow leopard population at 4,000 – 6,000. According to recent estimates, around...

  Toward a More Sustainable Agricultural Model: Training a New Generation of Agro-ecological Farmers
Conceived and implemented by Terra! Onlus, the Scuola diffusa della Terra - Emilio Sereni ("widespread School of the Earth") is an...

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