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ITALY, Sicily
  Conservation of Globally Endangered Saker Falcons (Falco Cherrug) and their Wintering Sites in Sicily
The project aims to support the conservation of a globally endangered species of bird of prey, the Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug), which is in line...

ITALY, Sicily
  A Nest for Eleonora's Falcon. Practical Actions for Conservation in the Aeolien Archipelago
Eleonora's Falcon (Falco eleonorae) is named after Eleonora d'Arborea, a 14th century Sardinian judge who composed a body of laws (Carta de...

ITALY, Palo Laziale
  Palo Laziale 30 Years After - Monitoring The Situation Of Birds’ Population Of  Palo Laziale Wood (1982-2012)
The Palo Laziale forest, located in the municipality of Ladispoli is a hygrophilous dunal woodland, which is part of an SCI (Site of Community...

INDIA, Uttarakhand, Assam, Kerala ,Tamil Nadu States
  Saving Elephants on India’s Railways
2010 was the worst year on record for elephants being killed by trains on India's railways, and the issue has become one of the most serious...

ITALY, Tolfa
  Supporting the Activities of the "Tara Bianca Dog House" in Tolfa, Italy
[2012-067 | 2012-92 | 2013-071 | 2019-010 | 2020-002] The partnership between the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation and Mondi a Confronto Onlus...

  Ketambe Reforestation and Ecotourism Development Initiative (KREDI)
The Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) has been working in Sumatra, Indonesia, since 2001, raising awareness amongst a wide range of stakeholders,...

ITALY, Palo Laziale
  Ecological Restoration Plan for Palo Laziale Wood, Italy
The Palo Laziale wood together with the wood of the Castel Porziano Presidential Estate and that of the Circeo National Park represents one of the...

WORLDWIDE, Various Countries
  Child Survival in a Changing Climate
[2012-081 | 2013-024] please click her to open the project's official presentation [pdf 2MB] The non-profit association Witness Image was...

  Myanmar Elephant Studbook Project
Because collecting lifelong biodata on long-lived species is problematic, little is understood about factors modifying age-specific reproduction and...

  Protecting Biodiversity and Education
VANUATU, Nasawa Community, Maewo Island - January 2008 The Nando Peretti Foundation has co-sponsored a project for the renovation of three historical...

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