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PORTUGAL, Green Belt
  Ecological Restoration of a Cork Oak Forest
Background InformationNon Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) are all those commercial products other than timber, that can be extracted from forests....

  Student Fishfarmers: Fishfarming in a school of the Bolivian Amazon
Most of the rural population of the Amazonian lowlands of Bolivia live in extreme poverty conditions. With the development of fish farming CEAM...

COLOMBIA, Central Andes
  Population status and habitat availability of Threatened Species
Fundación EcoAndina of Colombia, which represents the Colombia Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society, has a "Program on Endangered...

CZECH REPUBLIC, Beskydy Mountains
  Protection of large predators
The Nando Peretti Foundation is sponsoring a project proposed by Hnutì DUHA, for protecting the so called "large predators" that...

  Coral Reef: A Research to Understand the Ecological Decline of Coral Reef
Coral reefs are the most diverse of all ecosystems, supporting up to one-third of all fish species and more types of plants and animals than any...

EL SALVADOR, Honduras, Mali, Salvador
  WORLD GEOLOGISTS: Providing Water Supply to needy areas around the World
Feasibility and hydrogeological studies, exploration drills, water analysis, construction and exploitation of wells, training of local personnel to...

  Understanding the Biogeography of Marine Worms using Genetic Markers
Palolo WormsThe Nando Peretti Foundation is supporting work undertaken by Smithsonian scientists and their colleagues to study the geographic...

WORLDWIDE, Eastern Europe
  Protecting Eastern Europe's Natural Heritage
[2002-03] BirdLife International is a global partnership of about 100 national conservation organisations that aim to protect birds &...

ITALY, Abruzzo
  Bats: a Key for Saving Biodiversity
The Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park is carrying out a "Biodiversity Project" aimed to census all plant and animal species living in...

  Support to Dog Houses
[2003-39|2004-11|2005-25|2005-45|2008-04|2009-30]In 2001 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to support Tara Bianca, a private kennel...

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