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  Free-of-charge Treatment for 150 Elderly People with Osteoarthropathy or Discopathy
The project proposed by ARACO is based at a medical office owned by the organization itself, which is located in the city of Rome (viale Trastevere,...

  Medical Care for Young Patients with Congenital Heart Diseases
A study of congenital diseases of cardiovascular organs in young EthiopiansThe Nando Peretti Foundation has funded a project to scientifically assess...

  Evaluation of Titanium Frames for Fixed Dentures or Overdentures Supported by Dental Implants
A pilot study on 200 patients comparing gold and titanium alloys prosthesis The Nando Peretti Foundation financed the department of Periodontics...

  Atypical HUS: Don't stop the research
Notice of competition for a research on Atypical HUS In 2001 the Nando Peretti Foundation financed a grant for a research fellowship on rare diseases...

  Research on Glaucoma in Children: Grant to Buy Basic Equipment
Grant to buy the basic instrumentation for the research The project consists in an epidemiological research on predisposition to Glaucoma among...

  Rare Diseases: don't stop the research
Fellowship for a research on genes implicated in HUS/TTPDescriptionOn November 20, 2000 the Nando Peretti Foundation granted a fellowship for a...

  Investigation on the role of apoptosis in aneurysm rupture
Cerebro-vascular diseases represent one of the most relevant causes of mortality. About one-quarter of cerebro-vascular diseases are caused by...

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