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INDIA, Lohardaga
  Construction of a School in Ranchi Catholic Archdiocese
The Archdiocese of Ranchi comprises the civil District of Ranchi and the District of Lohardaga, in eastern India. Spread about an area of 5299 sq....

ITALY, Ciampino
  A Building for the Disabled
L'Arche began in 1964 when Jean Vanier welcomed two persons with a disability, to live with him in a small home in the village of Trosly, in...

ITALY, Civitavecchia
  House for Single Mothers
[2005-34] [2009-05]The Nando Peretti Foundation has approved a project to cofinance the construction of a new Centre for young mothers and drug...

  Construction of a hostel for young girls
(photos of a pre-existing foyer)In Morocco, the issue of school drop-out is very common and affects particularly girls from rural areas. The main...

ITALY, Porto Ercole
  Construction a Red Cross Headquarters
The Comitato di Monte Argentario della CRI dealt until today with hospital service, namely ambulance transportation. The activity was coordinated...

  A school, an Orphanage and an Emergency Shelter
This project consists of three sections. 1. Construction of an emergency shelter in Karte-solh, Bamiyan, Afghanistan Founded and directed by Dr. Sima...

  Enlarging an Existing Unit of Thoracic Surgery at San Camillo Forlanini Hospital
The Organization (Unita' Operativa Chirurgia Toracica) represents one of the biggest Unit of Thoracic Surgery in Italy and in EU, with around...

  Long-term residential Community Center for young people with severe psychological illnesses
The project consists in creating a new residential structure for persons affected by chronic psychiatric illnesses. Its aim is to organize long-term...

  A house for needy children: Renovation of the Institute of S.Giuseppe della Montagna
The Nando Peretti Foundation financed the renovation of The Istituto San Giuseppe della Montagna in Rome. It is a house run by Catalan nuns and gives...

TANZANIA, Morogoro
  Building a primary school for 700 children
The Morogoro area, in Tanzania, is very poor: 90% of inhabitants are unemployed. Their meals are only made of maize flour porridge and bitter...

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