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ROMANIA, Craiova
  Building a primary school for 150 orphan children in Craiova, Romania
The project takes place in Craiova, a town in the south-west of Romania. Romania is passing through a very hard period because of the recent...

CHINA, Litang
  The Nando Peretti School for Children: Construction of a School and an Hostel for Children
In 2003 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the Rabten Ghe Pel Ling Centre for Tibetan Studies to carry on a two-year project in the...

ITALY, Caserta
  Setting Up of Residential Areas for Children
Setting up of residential areas for children Following the death of its founder, Don Salvatore, the Legionaries of Christ were entrusted the...

POLAND, Krakow
  A New Centre for Volunteers
Numerous communities in Poland and Lithuania live in extreme poverty and are afflicted by immoral conditions, alcoholism, abuse, and other social...

NEPAL, Nepal
  Construction of a House for Children of Prisoners
The Nando Peretti Foundation financed the construction of a house for children of prisoniers in Nepal. In the last years The Ester Benjamins Trust...

BURKINA FASO, Bobo Dioulasso
  Helping Construction Works for a Cultural Center
The Italian and Burkinese SIRABA Association in ten years has collaborated on various projects, cultural and socio-educational (development and...

INDIA, Jaipur
  Costruction of a New Building at the Disha Center for Disabled Children
all photos on this page by Antonio Nodar Jaipur, with its population of 1.000.000, has a minimum of 40.000 persons with mental challenges and another...

CAMBODIA, Ta-Prum village
  Construction of classrooms facilities and tailoring training
The Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia helps children too poor to obtain an education, working especially in areas where government does not reach.The...

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