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SPAIN, Balearic Islands
  Ensuring Long-term Survival of the Sperm Whales
The Sperm whale is the largest carnivore on earth. Throughout history a victim of human activity: once hunted close to extinction for the prized waxy...

  Conserving Remaining Populations of the Iberian Lynx
Building of local partnerships for land managementThe Iberian lynx is a species only found in Spain and Portugal and it is now considered to be the...

PORTUGAL, Green Belt
  Ecological Restoration of a Cork Oak Forest
Background InformationNon Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) are all those commercial products other than timber, that can be extracted from forests....

  Assistance and Information on Maternity and Child-care
In Madagascar child mortality rates at birth are very high and illnesses that affect children in the early years of their lives and that cause...

ITALY, Caserta
  Setting Up of Residential Areas for Children
Setting up of residential areas for children Following the death of its founder, Don Salvatore, the Legionaries of Christ were entrusted the...

ITALY, Orbetello
  Donation of an Ultrasound Scanner and a Defibrillator
The Nando Peretti Foundation donated an ultrasound scanner to the Pediatric Service of the Nuovo Ospedale San Giovanni di Dio in Orbetello...

  A Toll-Free Help-Line to Alleviate Loneliness
Toll-free number: 800.22.22.24The Association "Messaggeri della Pace" is an non-profit association founded in Spain in 1962. It is...

  Evaluation of Titanium Frames for Fixed Dentures or Overdentures Supported by Dental Implants
A pilot study on 200 patients comparing gold and titanium alloys prosthesis The Nando Peretti Foundation financed the department of Periodontics...

  Food and School Benches for Orphans
The Nando Peretti Foundation donated to the Government of Bulgaria the funds to purchase school benches and several tons of brown rice for the...

POLAND, Krakow
  A New Centre for Volunteers
Numerous communities in Poland and Lithuania live in extreme poverty and are afflicted by immoral conditions, alcoholism, abuse, and other social...

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