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  One Hundred Hours For One Hundred Families
The Alzheimer Association of Rome - affiliated with the Italian Alzheimer Federation - has been founded in March 1998 and it is a no-profit...

  Providing a workplace for injured people
The Center for Self Reliance (CSR), is a Bosnia and Herzegovina NGO, dedicated to bringing people with limited physical ability out of isolation and...

  Rare Diseases: don't stop the research
Fellowship for a research on genes implicated in HUS/TTPDescriptionOn November 20, 2000 the Nando Peretti Foundation granted a fellowship for a...

  Investigation on the role of apoptosis in aneurysm rupture
Cerebro-vascular diseases represent one of the most relevant causes of mortality. About one-quarter of cerebro-vascular diseases are caused by...

  No Boundaries for Disabled Teenagers
COES ONLUS (Centro di occupazione ed educazione per subnormali) is a non-profit organization which helps patients suffering from neuropsychiatric...

WORLDWIDE, Eastern Europe
  Protecting Eastern Europe's Natural Heritage
[2002-03] BirdLife International is a global partnership of about 100 national conservation organisations that aim to protect birds &...

ITALY, Abruzzo
  Bats: a Key for Saving Biodiversity
The Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park is carrying out a "Biodiversity Project" aimed to census all plant and animal species living in...

  Support to Dog Houses
[2003-39|2004-11|2005-25|2005-45|2008-04|2009-30]In 2001 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to support Tara Bianca, a private kennel...

  A Family Support Project
The Nando Peretti Foundation has cofunded the Family Support Project of KIDS, a United Kingdom charity which provides an extensive range of services...

ITALY, Various
  Agriculture and Environment: the New Challenge
The Nando Peretti Foundation co-funded with the European Commission the AEMBAC project, an undertaking of the IUCN European Regional Office. The...

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