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  A house for needy children: Renovation of the Institute of S.Giuseppe della Montagna
The Nando Peretti Foundation financed the renovation of The Istituto San Giuseppe della Montagna in Rome. It is a house run by Catalan nuns and gives...

ROMANIA, Craiova
  Building a primary school for 150 orphan children in Craiova, Romania
The project takes place in Craiova, a town in the south-west of Romania. Romania is passing through a very hard period because of the recent...

ITALY, Torrice, Frosinone
  Support to the St. Antony Parrish
The problem of alcoholism in the rural area of Torrice is such that the Nando Peretti Foundation decided to finance the building of a help center...

  Support to 250 Families of the Centre Nando Peretti Roma Sud (formerly Laurentino 38) Housing Estate of Rome
[2004-5 | 2005-8 | 2006-16 | 2007-21 | 2008-42 | 2010-3 | 2010-76 | 2011-49 | 2012-118 | 2013-056 | 2015-005 | 2015-044 | 2017-036 |...

  Bioremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
Bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soils Microbial resources and technical tools for process monitoring This project focused on an important...

SPAIN, Balearic Islands
  Ensuring Long-term Survival of the Sperm Whales
The Sperm whale is the largest carnivore on earth. Throughout history a victim of human activity: once hunted close to extinction for the prized waxy...

  Conserving Remaining Populations of the Iberian Lynx
Building of local partnerships for land managementThe Iberian lynx is a species only found in Spain and Portugal and it is now considered to be the...

PORTUGAL, Green Belt
  Ecological Restoration of a Cork Oak Forest
Background InformationNon Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) are all those commercial products other than timber, that can be extracted from forests....

ITALY, Caserta
  Setting Up of Residential Areas for Children
Setting up of residential areas for children Following the death of its founder, Don Salvatore, the Legionaries of Christ were entrusted the...

ITALY, Orbetello
  Donation of an Ultrasound Scanner and a Defibrillator
The Nando Peretti Foundation donated an ultrasound scanner to the Pediatric Service of the Nuovo Ospedale San Giovanni di Dio in Orbetello...

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