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ITALY, Various
  Agriculture and Environment: the New Challenge
The Nando Peretti Foundation co-funded with the European Commission the AEMBAC project, an undertaking of the IUCN European Regional Office. The...

  An Orchid for the Future
The Nando Peretti Foundation is financing a scientific study on the Lady's Slipper, Cypripedium calceolus, at the Environmental Sciences...

ROMANIA, Carpathians
  Eco-tourism: Feasibility study for a Large carnivore center
Wolf The Romanian Carpathians are vital to the conservation of Europe's large carnivores: more than 1/3 of all European brown bears, wolves,...

  Promoting Social Inclusion and Employment with "Il Faro"
[2007-016 | 2009-043 | 2010-080 | 2012-046 | 2013-061 | 2015-040 | 2016-070 | 2017-076]The mission of "Il Faro" is to promote social...

  Supporting the Pastificio Cerere Foundation
[2012-11 | 2014-010 | 2018-003]Founded in 1905 the Pastificio Cerere building was originally a bakery. After shutting down in the sixties, the...

  Supporting Raku Art in Italy
Raku is an ancient Japanese technique; born in 1570 d.C. it started by chance during an earthquake, to face the need of a quick quantity of tiles...

  Supporting the Church of SS.Trinità dei Pellegrini, Rome
Support to the Church of SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini The church of Trinita dei Pellegrini in Rome, built in the late sixteenth century by the...

  Renovation of Palo Wood
Merely 40 kilometers from Rome there is an estate of 140 hectares owned by the Odescalchi family, and managed by WWF Italy. The property consists of...

  Supporting Dog-Assisted Therapies
The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded grants to ANUCSS to set up and deliver innovative and standardized methodologies based on human-animal...

  Free-of-charge Treatment for 150 Elderly People with Osteoarthropathy or Discopathy
Osteo-arthrosis is a painful disease which reduces the body functionality and mobility. Discopathy is a disease which affects the inter-vertebral...

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