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CZECH REPUBLIC, Beskydy Mountains
  Protection of large predators
The Nando Peretti Foundation is sponsoring a project proposed by Hnutì DUHA, for protecting the so called "large predators" that...

  Research on Glaucoma in Children: Grant to Buy Basic Equipment
Grant to buy the basic instrumentation for the research The project consists in an epidemiological research on predisposition to Glaucoma among...

ITALY, Duino
  Conflict Resolution through Education: Scholarship for Two Kosovar Youth
United World College makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. UWC schools, colleges and...

  One Hundred Hours For One Hundred Families
The Alzheimer Association of Rome - affiliated with the Italian Alzheimer Federation - has been founded in March 1998 and it is a no-profit...

  Providing a workplace for injured people
The Center for Self Reliance (CSR), is a Bosnia and Herzegovina NGO, dedicated to bringing people with limited physical ability out of isolation and...

  Rare Diseases: don't stop the research
Fellowship for a research on genes implicated in HUS/TTPDescriptionOn November 20, 2000 the Nando Peretti Foundation granted a fellowship for a...

  Investigation on the role of apoptosis in aneurysm rupture
Cerebro-vascular diseases represent one of the most relevant causes of mortality. About one-quarter of cerebro-vascular diseases are caused by...

  No Boundaries for Disabled Teenagers
COES ONLUS (Centro di occupazione ed educazione per subnormali) is a non-profit organization which helps patients suffering from neuropsychiatric...

WORLDWIDE, Eastern Europe
  Protecting Eastern Europe's Natural Heritage
[2002-03] BirdLife International is a global partnership of about 100 national conservation organisations that aim to protect birds &...

ITALY, Abruzzo
  Bats: a Key for Saving Biodiversity
The Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park is carrying out a "Biodiversity Project" aimed to census all plant and animal species living in...

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