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  Humanitarian Mission for the Children of Sri Lanka
Since 1985 "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" has been constantly committed to the realization of first help humanitarian missions in Countries...

  Electricity generators for the Hospital of Santa Clara
The congregation of the Clarisse Sisters of the Holy Sacrament, was founded in Mexico in 1951. The congregation is present in Indonesia since 1960 to...

  A school, an Orphanage and an Emergency Shelter
This project consists of three sections. 1. Construction of an emergency shelter in Karte-solh, Bamiyan, Afghanistan Founded and directed by Dr. Sima...

  Humanitarian Aid for Iraq
In 2004 The Sempre Insieme per la Pace Association asked the Nando Peretti Foundation a contribution for its efforts in supporting the post-war...

CHINA, Litang
  The Nando Peretti School for Children: Construction of a School and an Hostel for Children
In 2003 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the Rabten Ghe Pel Ling Centre for Tibetan Studies to carry on a two-year project in the...

BHUTAN, Eastern Himalayas
  Conservation & Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Eastern Himalayas
Access & Benefit-Sharing in the Kingdom of BhutanBhutan is recognized as one of the world's most important areas for biodiversity...

INDIA, Mundgod
  Tuberculosis Prevention and Community Health-Dental Care in Gaden Jangtse Medical Buddha Clinic
In 2003 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the Gaden Jangtse Norling College of Buddhist Cultural and Welfare Association to support a...

NEPAL, Nepal
  Construction of a House for Children of Prisoners
The Nando Peretti Foundation financed the construction of a house for children of prisoniers in Nepal. In the last years The Ester Benjamins Trust...

INDIA, Lumla Circle
  An ambulance for an isolated community
The Lumla Development and Welfare Society is an organisation devoted to helping the population of North East India, a region between Buthan and China...

INDIA, Jaipur
  Costruction of a New Building at the Disha Center for Disabled Children
all photos on this page by Antonio Nodar Jaipur, with its population of 1.000.000, has a minimum of 40.000 persons with mental challenges and another...

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