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  Education for Women in villages
The project aims at teaching literacy and numeracy skills to women in concerned villages where the rate of illiteracy range 3 out of 5 women in the...

  Construction of a Library for a Primary School
The civil war conflict in Casamance has deeply changed the structure of the school system of the area. The majority of the schools closed. The...

  Scholarship for 50 Girls at Two Schools
The potential for social transformation that takes place when an adult becomes literate is considerable. Literacy among adults allows parents an...

UGANDA, Kibale
  Kibale Libraries
The economic and human development impacts of libraries have been well-established. Libraries have the capacity to transform individuals and...

MADAGASCAR, Anosy Region
  Project Sekoly Construction of a Primary School
There is great need for resources throughout the Malagasy educational system. Children in rural communities forgo rights to formal education because...

  Humanitarian help for food
The Doyenné of Réo is one the five dioceses of Koudougou in Burkina Faso (West Africa). Any Doyenné is a group of parishes...

  Construction of a School Centre for the Youth of Kimbondo Paediatrics
The aim of Paediatric Foundation of Kimbondo is "to accept, free of charge, children who are sick, orphans and abandoned, and who have no...

SUDAN, Rumbek
  Construction Works for a Girls Secondary Boarding School
The Order of Malta works in 120 countries all around the world, through emergency relief, responding to flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, drought...

  Support to Girls and Women's Education
Uganda is a republic of nearly 30 million inhabitants, with two official languages ie English and Swahili. During the nineties the country has been...

RWANDA, Kigali
  Drilling of a well and water management education
Water as well as the hydraulic energy is a plight problem in Kigali. After the genocide which occurred in 1994, Kigali has been occupied almost in...

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