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KENYA, Somali Refugee Camps of Dadaab
  Production and distribution of 30.000 Improved Energy Saving Stoves for the Somali Refugees’ Camps
UNHCR’s environmental policy deals with refugee and returnee-related environmental problems during all phases of refugee assistance, i.e....

SOUTH AFRICA, Oudtshoorn
  Supporting the Equipment of the Children Nutritional Center “Casa Betania”
“Aiutare i bambini” is a lay and independent non profit organisation founded in 2000.Its mission is to “aid and support children...

  Food Program for Children
The main objective of the project co-funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation is to get enough food for the children of the valley so that they are...

  Public Awareness Campaign on the Abolition of the Death Penalty
Hands off Cain is the organization behind the international campaign that reached in 2007 and again in 2008 the historical result of the vote by the...

KENYA, Nairobi
  Extension of Babadogo Catholic Church HIV/AIDS Centre and Health Clinic
National statistics given by WHO, UN and Kenyan Ministry of Health show us that the estimated number of people living with HIV-AIDS, in a range of...

  Protecting Vulnerable Children from the Scourge of Malaria
Worldwide, the burden of disease caused by malaria is monumental, amounting to 300-500 million cases each year (WHO). Malaria accounts for about 1...

  Education for Women in villages
The project aims at teaching literacy and numeracy skills to women in concerned villages where the rate of illiteracy range 3 out of 5 women in the...

  Construction of a Library for a Primary School
The civil war conflict in Casamance has deeply changed the structure of the school system of the area. The majority of the schools closed. The...

  Scholarship for 50 Girls at Two Schools
The potential for social transformation that takes place when an adult becomes literate is considerable. Literacy among adults allows parents an...

UGANDA, Kibale
  Kibale Libraries
The economic and human development impacts of libraries have been well-established. Libraries have the capacity to transform individuals and...

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