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COLOMBIA, Central Andes
  Population status and habitat availability of Threatened Species
Fundación EcoAndina of Colombia, which represents the Colombia Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society, has a "Program on Endangered...

  Humanitarian Aid for Earthquake Victims in El Salvador
In January 2001 the American State of El Salvador was devastated by an extremely violent earthquake claiming a death toll of several millions of...

EL SALVADOR, Honduras, Mali, Salvador
  WORLD GEOLOGISTS: Providing Water Supply to needy areas around the World
Feasibility and hydrogeological studies, exploration drills, water analysis, construction and exploitation of wells, training of local personnel to...

BELIZE, Golden Stream
  Institutional Strengthening in Community Conservation of the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, Belize
In 1998 Fauna & Flora International (FFI) was invited to begin working with Golden Stream Corridor Preserve NGO (GSCP NGO), a new grass-roots...

BELIZE, Golden Stream
  Preserve the Natural Paradise in Belize
[2001-1, 2003-37, 2004-32, 2006-27] The Golden Stream Corridor Preserve (GSCP) is one of Belize's last remaining lowland tropical broadleaf...

  Supporting The Work of Centro Virgen Nina (formerly known as Asociacion XXI)
Asociaciòn XXI was established in 1994 as a non profit organization, and recognized by the Bolivian law as NGO and as a charitable institution...

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