The Nando Peretti Foundation 2004 Special Meritorius Patron of “Sempre Insieme Per La Pace” Solidarity Network

Project location: ITALY
Project start date: February 2004 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2004-01
Beneficiary: Sempre Insieme per la Pace

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In 2004 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" Association, to support part of its operational expenses, and thus allow the Association to continue its humanitarian activities in Italy and abroad for all the current year. In particular, the NPF grant was meant to be used by the "Sempre Insieme Per la Pace" Association to cover the costs of its head office and of its warehouse.
The Association has its head office in Rome (Italy), where all the humanitarian missions and initiatives are planned and carried out.
Due to the heavy socio-economic crisis, and the increasing calls for help from poor families, in 2004 the Association decided to prepare a second point of distribution of aid at its head office, in order to make easier the initiative of the "Goodwill Ambassadors" who acted as an intermediary with families and institutes in extremely underprivileged conditions.
In this regard, the Association had to cover the transport charges of the aid in the city of Rome and in its province, as well as the expenses for the Association van ( insurance, car tax, maintenance and repairs).

Also,the Association "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" relied on two large warehouses, capable to store the goods for the neediest in Italy or for the preparation of the containers assigned to urgent emergencies in foreign countries
The rent of the warehouses was already covered thanks to a grant by the Nando Peretti Foundation. Yet, it was necessary to cover the packing, consignment and distribution costs of the aid in Italy, the transport charges for goods distributed in Italy in favour of the families or institutes unable to reach the warehouse, the transport charges of goods collected from Associations sponsors, the transport and shipping charges for goods destined abroad and finally the expense refunds to the voluntary personnel employed for organizing missions and aid distribution.

The activities of the warehouse were numerous and for this reason they needed the presence of two or more persons working according to the necessities of the humanitarian programs of "Sempre Insieme per la Pace". A person was daily present in the warehouse for the reception of the goods donated to the Association and for their delivery to the institutes. He worked under the supervision of the Responsible of the Humanitarian Aid Coordination. He was also helped by one or more people in case of special missions which required a more intensive workforce: the preparation of containers for huge quantities of goods destined abroad, the packaging of hundreds of parcels for the extraordinary distribution in favour of disadvantaged people and families in Italy at Christmas time.
A second employee worked on behalf of "Sempre Insieme per la Pace" to deliver humanitarian aid to families or institutes, which had not the possibility to reach the warehouse. This person was constantly in touch with the Responsible for the Humanitarian Aid Coordination and he was at her disposal in case of necessity.

The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded the 11th grant covering activities until December 2017.

In 2018, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation  awarded another grant covering activities for year 2018.

Sempre Insieme per la Pace
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