Adoption of Tibetan Monks in the Gaden Jangtse Monastery

Project location: India, Mundgod
Project start date: December 2007 - Project end date: December 2010
Project number: 2007-08
Beneficiary: Dharma Tibet

Dharma Tibet is a no-profit Cultural Association, established in Italy in 2002, with the intent to support the Tibetan cause and to raise funds needed for the Tibetan monks who live in exile in India.

In 2007 the Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant for a three-year project, which was dedicated to 18 monks coming from Tibet and Buthan, who needed support for living and study. They were hosted at the Ganden Jangtse Monastery in Mundgod, Karnataka State, India.

Supporting the activities of the Ganden Jangtse Monastery, the largest and most ancient Buddhist Monastery currently in existence, is an important commitment that NPF has expressly made. The Monastery initially welcomed about 1.300 monks and its school today still offers education programmes for both Tibetan and Indian citizens, with the precious aim of preserving their archaic tradition and culture. Various projects related to the Monastery were sponsored by the NPF over years.

The funds granted in 2007 by the NPF to support this project were employed to provide housing, food and education to the 18 monks for a total period of three years during which the monks were able to keep on training and serving the community as a whole.



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