Computer Security Service for People with Alzheimer's or other Cognitive Diseases

Project location: Italy, Lazio Region
Project start date: December 2010 - Project end date: September 2011
Project number: 2010-74
Beneficiary: Alzheimer Uniti Roma Onlus


This project aims at preventing that Alzheimer's patients get lost on the way home due to their disorientation.

The Italian Government reported that 15% of the over-65 years-old missing persons complaints is represented by Alzheimer's patients.
The Association Alzheimer Uniti Roma has conceived a strategy for the monitoring of people suffering for cognitive diseases with the aim of preventing any risk situation for the patients and their families. This strategy needs a period of testing before the results can be submitted to the Lazio Region administration and other public administrations interested on healthcare of Alzheimer's patients.
The project, which received a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation, will employ the professional services offered by "SdP-Sistemi di Protezione", an Italian Company who detains the patents licensed for this kind of health care services. The SdP will provide a satellite tracking equipment with a wearable device to give to the patients and the activation of a satellite program connected with a Control Center that will monitor the location and actions of each patient wearing the device.

This project received a grant for another year in 2012.

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