“Building Hope” – Supporting Professional Training Courses For Disadvantaged Women And Youngs To Help Them In Finding A Job

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: April 2011 - Project end date: March 2014
Project number: 2010-80
Beneficiary: Fondazione Il Faro di Susanna Agnelli

The issue that the organization want to face is the difficulty of finding a job, for young people living in hardships, and particularly for foreign young women. Recent data attest that the district of Lazio has one of the highest youth unemployment rate in Italy (30.6%).
The Foundation intends to offer a concrete opportunity of improving socio-economical conditions to the young participants of its professional courses, through the enhancement of the professional expertise that they acquire during the courses.

The project, which received a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation,  intends to improve the impact of vocational education through additional tools, based on the use of web and supplementary services of guidance and support.
The first part of the project consists in using innovative ways of teaching, such as the e-Learning method. Through the development of an interactive platform, students will be able to examine closely and to look over the subjects they learn during the lessons. For this purpose films and photos about practical items will be uploaded on the web site.

The internet site of Il Faro, will also be enriched with an interactive section, constantly upgradeable, which could allow students transforming their resume into an "experience book" with films and images concerning their educational and professional career.
To support this action, to every vocational course realized at "Il Faro" will be added a computer training course focused on the acquisition of the specific knowledge necessary to manage autonomously the applications of the e-learning platform and the "experience book" software. These courses will last 20 hours and the program will include e-mail, writing and presentation software among other subjects.
On the other side, the second part of the project is based on the creation of a vocational guidance desk that helps young people to write a resume or motivation and presentation letters, gives support for job interviews and, in general, helps students during their job search. This action rises from the demand of a unique path that offers a specific help focused on the real needs of every student, through dialogue and the consolidation of a relationship based on trust. One of the main benefits coming from the opening of such an office is the optimization of the self-empowerment process.
The project also counts to give more space, along the educational path, to women, to their stories and their specific needs. To achieve this aim, during the first year 3 vocational courses will be organized and dedicated exclusively to women: hair-stylist/make-up artist, beautician/masseuse and dressmaking. At the same time a survey will be conducted during the first year, through individual interviews and questionnaires. Results will be described in a report that will be used during the second and the third year to create specific services for women. The idea is that of a custom-made development, defined in accordance with the beneficiaries. As an example, the organization could open a psychological help desk or an information help desk about different problematic issues, such as housing, health or resident permit procedures, or a desk that would support the start-up process of associations or cooperatives focused on the enhancement of synergies among different abilities.

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