Promoting Social Inclusion and Employment with "Il Faro"

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: January 2008 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 0000-16
Beneficiary: Fondazione Il Faro di Susanna Agnelli

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The mission of "Il Faro" is to promote social inclusion of youngsters living in conditions of social distress and hardships, in particular young immigrants and refugees. "Il Faro" believes that one of the most important tools of inclusion is work, so to achieve its aim the Foundation has chosen to increase the possibilities of its beneficiaries of getting a job through the organization of free vocational courses and counseling.
During the past 14 years "Il Faro" has realized 148 courses and has trained more than 2300 students, whose 40% got a job in the first months after the end of the course. Surveys conducted by phone after a year from the end of the courses demonstrate that 60% of students that were trained at "Il Faro" got a job. Best results always come from the catering field (bartender 74%, pizza 71% cook's assistant 69%) and in the course of hairstylist (80%).

The issue that "Il Faro" wants to face is social inclusion of young immigrants in Italy. Specifically in the city of Rome, where the Foundation works since 1997. The first step to achieve social inclusion, for an immigrant, is the possibility of being economically independent. But for people living in hardships, and coming from countries where the labour market is quite different, the difficulties of finding a job increase. Indeed for a young immigrant there are many obstacles to get over to find a job in Italy. One of them is the lack of acknowledgement of foreign professional qualifications and the need of acquisition of new skills to meet the needs of the Italian labour market.

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has been supporting Il Faro since 2008.

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