A Family House for Elderly People in El-Minia, Egypt

Project location: Egypt, El-Minia
Project start date: December 2012 - Project end date: December 2013
Project number: 2012-086
Beneficiary: Associazione Bambino Gesù Egitto Onlus


The Association has already founded a Family House for children in El-Minia, whose lives are desperate. By the same token, the association would like to offer elderly people the same service. Elderly people in El-Minia have to face every day difficulties by far exceeding their own strengths, due to the fact of being left by their relatives or being in absolute need of survival assistance. Down to El-Minia and surrounding villages there are a lot of elderly desperate situations. After the revolution, which is the cause of a further collapse of the economy, families in need who cannot feed their children bear with great difficulty the presence of elderly people at home. Some of them, though suffering from psychological and physical conditions, are still lucky to have a roof and something to eat. The present project so is directed to those elderly people who are not so lucky and suffer from being abandoned by their relatives.

With the help of an organizing team, the first 10 elderly people from the town of El-Minia and surrounding villages will be chosen. A flat then will be rented and furnished with basic comforts, having taken into consideration the age of the guests.
Two people of the staff and a cook will take care night and day of the elderly.
The support of the Association Bambino Gesù will be at sanitary level (medical check-ups, medicines, radiographic tests and surgical operations) at spiritual level (catechetical teaching, prayer meetings, administration of sacraments), at psychological level (listening and sharing), at social level (coming back to social life, excursions and social meetings), at human level (repossession of human dignity).

The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for this project. As The Family House already in place for some years is highly appreciated by the whole town and everybody knows that in case of emergency they can always find a secure shelter at Casa Letizia, the Association expects that the Family House for the elderly will reach the same success.

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