Completion of Male Dormitory and Renovation of Toilets and Showers at Hisani Orphanage, Tanzania

Project location: TANZANIA
Project start date: January 2013 - Project end date: April 2013
Project number: 2012-117
Beneficiary: Associazione Filippo Astori onlus


In 2006 the Association, thanks to a founder member working in Tanzania at the construction of the aqueduct, came across the Hisani orphanage, which was in critical economic conditions.
The Association began sending a monthly fee for food and identified as a priority the construction of the girls' dorm, in order to ensure adequate space and avoid inappropriate promiscuity. Thereafter a kitchen, a dining hall, a well, some warehouses for food storage were built and the construction of some stores on the outside to rent for shopping activities was begun.
Having met the basic needs of the orphanage, since 2009 the association began supporting access to secondary school, first for a limited number of children who had reached the age and in the following years for a growing number up to a total of 33. For the next year there will be only one girl finishing the primary school who will join the other students in colleges, bringing the total number of students to 34.
All these interventions had been and are still financed by the association through voluntary contributions of its members and supporters.

This first and main part of the project, which received a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation,  foresees particularly the completion of boys' dormitory, comprehensive of the furniture, the renovation of toilets and showers building, including rebuilding of 3 septic tanks and 1 iron column for water tank of 10.000 litres, the rebuilding of 60 mt. surrounding walls.
The second and final part of the project foresees the arrangement of the courtyard, the integration of the library with textbooks for secondary school and multimedial workstations, the completion of the stores on the outside to rent for shopping activities in order to grant self sustainability to the orphanage.
The entire project has been designed by an architect volunteer and supporter of the association, who monitored the initial works in August 2012.
The association has established with the local building company the steps of working progress and has drawn up a budget according to these steps. All the payments will be made once completed the single step and issued the relevant receipt.
The project architect and the coordinator will monitor the local company in charge of the construction and make a report to the association regarding the working progress.
Specific goals of the project:
1. Improve health conditions by providing adequate spaces divided for sex and age
2. Build a structure suitable to host more children in need that should add, particularly street children that the centre will accept, under request of Ministry of Family, in order to remove from the road as many children as possible and ensure them education that otherwise wouldn't get because of the high school dropout rate.
3. Restore functionality of all places at Hisani orphanage

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