“Quartieri tranquilli” Supporting the Development of a Web Portal for a Community Based Action

Project location: Italy, Milano
Project start date: June 2013 - Project end date: June 2014
Project number: 2013-009
Beneficiary: Associazione Quartieri Tranquilli


The project was designed to develop a support network for needy people in the area of Milan and Lombardy, in light of the serious economic crisis the country has been facing. The project aims to strengthen the sense of community at the neighborhood level, collecting the availability of private citizens, public operators, private business and voluntary social and cultural associations to provide free assistance and services to needy people as a contribution to the growth of awareness of the local residents.
This network will be developed also through a web portal.

"Quartieri Tranquilli"'s portal collects information, news and services offered by the districts of Milan, with the aim of signalling the strengths and strengthen their weaknesses, in order to exploit the territory in its local peculiarities and uniqueness, which can provide insights and inspiration for new initiatives.
The ultimate goal of the association is to teach people that it is time to take care of other people, make young people aware that the future is helping others so that respect and friendship facilitate us to live well.
Each district has to represent its best by taking part in existing projects and promoting new innovative projects in the field of social promotion, ecology, arts, youth, "over sixty" and integration and assistance for non - UE people and disabled.
In order to achieve the social goals and to facilitate the aggregation and meeting of people, each district will provide a physical and virtual space (a website), with strong identity and connotation, with the aim of create a climate of serenity and collaboration in each district.

The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for this project, in order to develop a web portal. The portal will provide each district with a privileged space with target addresses, businesses, non-profit references, associations, foundations, events and news. The spokesman of each district will be centrally co-ordinated by a team (webmaster, editor, correspondents) that will take care of plump and write in posts and keep the website constantly updated with the aim to create community, keep each district informed about the activities of others and offer all citizens a place to share stories of their city.

This project received another grant for the year 2015.

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