Publication of the Best Contributions to the Eighth Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Police

Project location: Italy, Torino
Project start date: December 2013 - Project end date: December 2014
Project number: 2013-066
Beneficiary: Consiglio Italiano per le Scienze Sociali (CSS)


The Consiglio Italiano per le Scienze Sociali, together with the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", is organizing the Eighth Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (CNR, Rome, May 21-23 2014), information available at the website:
Many researchers and operators working in the field of drug market will attend the Conference and present important works in different issues. The main sessions will be:

• The drug world after the economic recession: what has changed?
• The rise of emerging psychoactive substances and new policy directions
• Marijuana policy: what do we know about the public health implications from decriminalization and medical marijuana?
• Drug markets and policy responses outside of Europe and North America
• Drugs and human rights
• Harm reduction policies: Consumption rooms, prison needle exchange
• Measurement in drug policy: how do we make sense of scarce information and define and measure new drug trends? What are the optimal indicators of health, social harm and supply?
• Supply and regulation within and beyond consumer nations
• What can drug policy learn from supply and regulation of other substances?
• Corruption and organized crime: intersections between drugs, organized crime, and judicial systems
For the future works in the field it is very important to publish the best contributions presented at the Conference in the various sessions.

The general presentations will be given by the key speakers:
Don Luigi Ciotti, Italy
Julio Calzada, Uruguay
Uruguay - 100 años de Políticas de Drogas - De la ilusion del "control total" a la realidad de un "control regulado"
Marina Davoli and Fabrizio Faggiano, Italy
The evidence base of substance use prevention and the need for an international regulation
Paul Griffiths, EMCDDA, Portugal Title to communicate
Tim Rhodes, United Kingdom Title to communicate

The publications will allow to compare different drug issues and different policies in order to try to reduce harm consequences and to prevent risky behaviors and criminal consequences and all the other consequences of the illegal drug market as sessions describe.

The Scientific Committee of the Conference, composed by important word workers in the field, as reported below:

Costa-Storti Claudia Portugal EMMCDA
Decorte Tom Belgium University of Gent
Hughes Caitlin Australia UNSW
Humphreys Keith USA Stanford University
Me Angela Austria UNODC
Mejia Londono Daniel Colombia University de los Andes
Pacula Rosalie USA Rand
Paoli Letizia Beglium University of Leuven
Ritter Alison Australia UNSW
Rossi Carla Italy University of Rome Tor Vergata
Scalia Tomba Gianpaolo Italy University of Rome Tor Vergata
Sevigny Eric USA University of South Carolina
Stevens Alex United Kingdom University of Kent

will chose the best contributions to publish.

This project received a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation. The diffusion of the publications is very important and will be achieved by sending the publication to the 200 attenders from the various countries of the five continents.


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