Support to the Operation Smile Peru Mission to Provide Free Medical and Surgical Care to Children Suffering from Cleft Lips and Cleft Palates

Project location: Peru, Lima
Project start date: April 2014 - Project end date: May 2014
Project number: 2014-001

Operation Smile's main objective for this project is to carry out a local medical mission in Peru in May 2014.
Operation Smile Peru initiated their missions in 1999 with OSI support. Since then, they provided 4,099 surgeries with a presence in Lima, Peru's capital, and outside Lima in Arequipa, Cuzco, Puno, Ayacucho, Iquitos and Piura.
These medical missions include Peruvian and international teams of healthcare professionals who volunteer their time and talent to provide free medical and surgical care to children suffering from cleft lips, cleft palates and burns.
Operation Smile Peru is dedicated to helping Peruvian children. In particular, in May 2014, they wish to perform reconstructive surgeries on those children suffering from cleft and other facial deformities who were not operated during the previous medical mission in Cuzco , and who are thus still waiting for treatment and care.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the local health Peruvian authorities, Operation Smile plans to screen around 100 patients, provide them with free medical examinations, and perform about 70-80 safe surgeries with the help of a team of several international volunteers. The volunteers team will include plastic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, paediatricians, nurses, speech pathologists and other credentialed health professionals.
In addition, Operation Smile plans to provide training courses to local staff.

The Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant for this project, which shall provide around 70-80 free surgical operations to new patients and those who are waiting since last mission.

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