Multifunctional Open-Air Area for Educational, Cultural, Social and Sport Activities in the San Benedetto Abate Parrish in Rome

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: November 2014 - Project end date: May 2014
Project number: 2014-011
Beneficiary: Parrocchia San Benedetto Abate


St. Benedict's Abbot Parish Church was founded in 2099 and established according the Canon Law and the Italian Law as an Ecclesiastic Entity.
The Parish Church serves a recently created large residential and commercial area, divided in four main portions: Parco Leonardo, Pleiadi, Atena and Vignole, interconnected among them.
This new, very extended and populated area is still deprived of any point or structure of aggregation and integration, especially for children and young people, who are an estimated 7.000 units of the entire local population.
Since its establishment, the Parish Church and the connected relatively small structures have become the only space for social, cultural and sport aggregation for this very extended residential population of our area. The Church, of course, offers mainly religious assistance and services to the Catholic population. However, over the last years, with the participation also of non-Christian believers and people of other nationalities and ethnic groups, the Church has developed several initiatives which include: sports and recreational activities for children and young people; artistic and cultural activities; social, economic and legal support for people in need. It also offers specialised courses open to everybody, like: music school; language courses; ballet training, different sport activities and post school support especially for students with disabilities and learning difficulties. During the summer months (July-August), the Church also offers to all children a full-day post-school assistance, with various activities supervised by qualified young and senior staff.

The increasing number of people who see the Parish Church and its various activities as the social focal point of the entire residential area and the constant growing of the projects and plans in the near future require to create a multifunctional open-air area in which more easily planning educational, cultural, social and sport activities.
These activities are extremely needed and requested not only by the members of our Catholic congregation, but also by people of other beliefs and nationalities, and by the entire community living in this area.

The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for this project. The main aim of the project is to address the crucial problems posed by the creation of so-called new towns, where crucial are the needs to increase socialisation; integration among people coming for different cultural, national and ethnic backgrounds; to spread the values of respect, solidarity, and participation; and especially to protect children and young people, giving them a secure place where to develop their personality and understanding of the world.
The Church aims to further develop its on-going activities in all the related fields of the operational procedures and methodology.

The Church is convinced that the new multifunctional open-air area and the different and further developed and extended activities will achieve a better and more balanced social integration of the local community; a more suitable understanding among people of different cultural and national backgrounds; a higher dissemination of positive values, especially among children and young people.

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