Better Living Conditions for 50 Orphans in Tanzania

Project location: Tanzania, Kigoma
Project start date: March 2002 - Project end date: March 2003
Project number: 2001-21
Beneficiary: The Jane Goodall Institute

Better living conditions for 50 orphans in Tanzania

The Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant to the Jane Goodall Institute Italia aimed at supporting the Sanganigwa Children's Home which is the only orphanage of the Kigoma region, one of the most isolated and deprived areas in Tanzania. "Sanganigwa" hosts 50 children and young people from 3 to 19 years of age belonging to different ethnic groups and faiths.

Each child has a different story and went through terrible experiences before arriving in Kigoma: most of them have lost their parents because of AIDS or as a consequence of the war in the neighbouring countries.
The contribution from the Nando Peretti Foundation will be determinant to assure a healthy living condition to the orphans and provide the children with proper nutrition, medical assistance, education and workers allowances for one year.

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