Construction of classrooms facilities and tailoring training

Project location: Cambodia, Ta-Prum village
Project start date: September 2001 - Project end date: December 2001
Project number: 2001-14
Beneficiary: Don Bosco Mission in Cambodia

The Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia helps children too poor to obtain an education, working especially in areas where government does not reach.
The Don Bosco Foundation provides education monthly 114 children in villages Ohe Tre, Kok Tyong, Ta Prum.
They established an elementary school in Ta Prum (Sihanoukville Province) in 1996.
In the last five years this school, composed only by eight classrooms, has provided basic education to 1167 children.

The Nando Peretti Foundation financed the construction of six more classrooms for children and teenagers, and two more tailoring training classrooms for young girls.

thanks to the new building, children are able to study and play better.


The construction of the elementary and the sewing schools in Ta Prum is finished, thank to the Nando Peretti Foundation's grant. The schools started their ordinary activities since the end of November 2001, but the official opening has been celebrated on February 7, 2002 at the presence of the Governor of the Province and the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The first success is that people living in the six villages around are sending all their children to school, instead of under the trees as they were used to do. The primary school accommodates 1621 children (750 are girls and 881 are boys).

the finished school.

Don Bosco Mission in Cambodia
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