Building a primary school for 700 children

Project location: TANZANIA, Morogoro
Project start date: January 2004 - Project end date: January 2005
Project number: 2003-47
Beneficiary: Associazione Aiutare i Bambini


The Morogoro area, in Tanzania, is very poor: 90% of inhabitants are unemployed. Their meals are only made of maize flour porridge and bitter vegetables harvested in the fields. Meat, eggs and fruits are not included among inhabitants' feeding.

Most of the children suffer from intestinal infection. Skin diseases, like scabies, are very frequent. A lot of children suffer from SIDA. The death rate of children is very high because families cannot treat them if they are ill.

Children cannot go to school because they are poor and their families cannot pay the school fees and educational material. Uniforms, shoes and drinkable water are compulsory. In addition, in Tanzania at 7 years of age children are no more entitled to attend school.

Description of the project

"Aiutare i Bambini", with the help of the Nando Peretti Foundation, takes part to the building of a school for 700 children in Morogoro.

14 classrooms will be built to welcome children and give them the possibility to complete primary school. This project will include also those children who are older then 7 years of age.

This project will be realized with the support of Sisters Collegine of Holy Family, missionaries in this area since a long time.

Manager of the project is Sister Teresa Drago.

Project aim

The project aim is to give to poor and illiterate children unable to attend public school the possibility to receive a basic scholastic training.

In the future those children will have more opportunities to enter in the society of their country.

At school they also receive a meal, that is often the only one for the whole day. This help them to improve their capabilities to learn, their health and their feeding.

Monitoring and evaluation of the project

Sister Teresa Drago lives in Morogoro, she oversees personally the school building works, she coordinates the staff involved in the project and the educational activities with the children. Sister Teresa, as person in charge of the project, periodically sends to the Foundation reports and pictures relating the building works progress.

In December 2004, a voluntary worker by our Foundation, Mr. Luigi Zambon, travelled back to Tanzania and visited again the Morogoro mission. This way, he managed to meet Sister Teresa, to see the building works and to make some photographs. Mr Zambon is a professional surveyor.

  Associazione Aiutare i Bambini
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