NaEPF South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan – LFTW / L-INT

Project location: SOUTH SUDAN
Project start date: July 2017 - Project end date: December 2020
Project number: 2017-053
Beneficiary: Light for the World International


Light For The World International (L-INT) has been active in South Sudan since 2005, and operates through an In-Country Team that has already achieved impact in South Sudan through supporting government to develop a national inclusive education policy, providing assistance to persons with disabilities in IDP camps and host communities.

Evidence from Light For The World´s (LFTW)’s programme in South Sudan and other key agencies have consistently shown that the crisis has hit vulnerable groups including persons with disabilities the hardest. Approximately 250.000 persons with disabilities are living in IDP camps in South Sudan, who are not well integrated into the humanitarian response. Emergency situations such as conflicts or natural disasters can also generate an increased number of persons who experience disability owing to new injuries, a lack of quality medical care, or the collapse of essential services.

In the aftermath of the December 2013 to April 2014 open conflict in South Sudan, LFTW carried out an informal random appraisal of the accessibility of humanitarian services provided by various agencies in Mahad and Gumbo IDP camps and the host communities. This random appraisal primarily targeted provision of education and rehabilitation services for children and adults with disabilities, general physical accessibility of the IDPs camps and knowledge, attitude and practices on disabilities of staff of various organizations providing humanitarian assistance.

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to this project. The goal of the programme funded by the NaEPF is to give persons with disabilities access to rehabilitation services in order to become independent and self-reliant individuals, access to eye health services to fight preventable blindness and to provide training and development of the capacities of Humanitarian Response relief agencies to include persons with disabilities in their programmes.

The Project will be carried out in Juba / Juba County / IDP camps Mahad (estimated 7.200 people), Gumbo (estimated 6.000 people) and Mangaten (estimated more than 7.000 people) /Central Equatoria.

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