Knitting Course and Micro Enterprise Management Training Course for Women

Project location: BOLIVIA, El Alto
Project start date: May 2006 - Project end date: May 2008
Project number: 2005-18
Beneficiary: AssociaciĆ²n XXI

In the years 2006-2008 the Nando Peretti Foundation co-funded this project, which aimed at supporting work training especially for breadwinner women responsible of maintaining the whole family, always with a great amount of children.
The project was divided in two parts: a knitting course and micro enterprise management training course for the women of El Alto; and a micro-credit project for the El Alto community.

The condition of Andean women was, and still is, very precarious and vulnerable, because of a high level of illiteracy, the presence of many children, and the heavy submission to a "macho" culture that does not consider the needs and the potential qualities of women.
In the theory part of the project there were 20 educational meetings for the "change of mentality", oriented at modifying attitudes and conformist behaviours, fighting passivity and submission, and developing positive attitudes, a new vision of oneself, values and ethics for a real change of life.

The Nando Peretti Foundation funded Associaciòn XXI also for the promotion of the micro-credit activities in the community of El Alto. The beneficiaries were chosen among the most meritorious subjects, each time according to the criteria set by the Organisation, and in any case favouring those subjects that had been or were still involved in formation activities promoted by the Organisation.


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