Diurnal Center For Young People Suffering From Drug Addiction

Project location: ITALY
Project start date: July 2006 - Project end date: January 2007
Project number: 2006-23
Beneficiary: Centro Italiano di Solidarietà


December 2007/June 2008


 The project aims at opening a reception and counselling service for those who have been in prison and have difficulty in starting a new life, prisoners who are under the so called "alternative measures", former prisoners, former drug addicts, etc.
In these first 6 months of the project the following activities have been carried out:
An ambulatory service for prisoners and ex prisoners has been created and the project team, composed as described in the project has started working with the public services and the private ones for the strengthening of the network and for the provision of an appropriate service.
During the first months particular attention was given to create contacts with the public services such as Adult Social Service Centres, SERT (Public local service for drug addicts) and the different Municipalities of the city council of Rome.
The service started its counselling and support activities effectively after the second month of the project.
It helps to give initial information both through interviews and simply on the phone. The service has been contacted by 45 people
Among these contacts:

  • 25 were given legal information and support to find a job
  • 5 persons decided to attend pc lessons inside the premises to improve their employability skills
  • 7 of them were directed to the services which responded to their specific needs and requested (housing; drug addiction problem therefore need for a TC)
  • 13 of them now come to CeIS to have psychological, legal and social support. Once agreed the individual project that each one of them has to carry out in order to have a second chance in life the person comes to CeIS for the individual interviews, for the group meetings and to enjoy the a comfortable and welcoming environment, have a coffee and socialise with other people.
Two groups have been created so far.
After a first period the service has now changed its opening hours, to match the needs and the request of the clients. It is open from 2:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m.
In case of needs and special requests the experts (either the psychologist and the employment consultant) meet the clients in hours and settings different to the one of the services.
These results reflects the previous months of the project. After the summer time the number of clients is expected to increase.
During the remaining six months other contacts with private associations involved in the field will be made to provide a better service and to make the network stronger.
A constant monitoring system allows the project team to change the services according to the requests, difficulties, advices they receive.


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