Support to Humanitarian Activities of "Bambino Gesù Egitto"

Project location: EGYPT, El-Minia
Project start date: December 2006 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2006-37
Beneficiary: Associazione Bambino Gesù Egitto Onlus


July 2009 Interim Report

1. Long Distance Children Adoption Project

The children were chosen through a selection process carried out by 10 groups of volunteers, under the supervision of Fr. Mina Tawfik, in the villages most in need and where only 5 to 10% of families are Christian.
The extreme lack of hygiene, usually due to lack of drinking water, causes the spread of diseases in children such as infections, eye problems and others. Here schools are lacking, as well as kindergartens, hospitals and all that is necessary for a dignified existence.
The study has selected children from the following villages:
Shain - Hareef - Towa - Nagia El Dek - Ras El Bar - Focheai - Haoaslia - El Biaedia - Hanna Aiob - Ard Sultan - Nazlet Gatas - Cheduan - Zarabi - Bani Mohamadiat - Delga - Gade El Saied - El Garehi - Mihan.

The Centre " Bambino Gesù" gave the families primary food products for children: sugar, pasta, rice, legumes and butter. The food was distributed to 20 villages by means of a small private van.
At Christmas and Easter, all children received a basket for their family with pasta, cakes, chicken or meat, liver and legumes.
In addition, the Center " Bambino Gesù" donated to children:
• Clothing and footwear
• 85 Winter comforters for children
• Six beds for six large families.

Each child was given a complete kit for the school, backpack, book for the exercises, books, pens, pencils, erasers and so on. For all the selected children tuition was paid and was financial assistance was given for the transportation of school children from remote villages.
Once a month, a doctor and volunteers of the project visited the families to diagnose possible illnesses and prescribe tests and treatments to be carried out at the Padre Pio clinic. In addition, the catechists have made monthly visits to the family of a disabled man who was not able to reach the hospital or buy medicines, giving both spiritual comfort and material aid. The project volunteers are also helping a community of blind children in El - Minia.

Towards the end of 2009, new groups were created to help the doctor to bring children and adults with health problems and without medical care. Another important initiative was that of traveling doctors, who traveled to remote villages to visit and treat adults and children living in poverty.
In the first half of the year, the following villages were reached:
• Badraman, 75 km from El Minia: 70 people visited (adults and children)
• Bardanoha, 100 km: 60 people visited (adults and children)
• Eboan, 100 km: 60 people visited (adults and children)
• Cheduan, 100 km: 80 people visited (adults and children).

In the second semester, three other villages were reached, namely Farag Alah, Demshir and Balansora. Medicines were provided monthly to 10 sick children. Post-surgery therapy was performed to a child who had undergone heart surgery, and another child underwent surgery to the eyes.
Medical examinations were done to 60 children which had been treated previously. Glasses were purchased for 4 children and three tonsil operations were done.
Catechism classes were held for children in three different villages, with biweekly meetings, as well as a children religious education course for mothers.
A three-day retreat was held for 65 children, and each of them received the Holy Bible.
In the month of May a competition of catechesis for children was held, with prizes, games and sweets, which was won by a 12 years old girl.
In June 2008, a 3-day trip to the sea was organized for 100 children and their catechists, which included a spiritual and psychological training program.
Also, bathrooms were built in eight houses, two houses have been provided with running water and three homes have been refurbished.

2. "Padre Pio" Clinic for Medical Examinations

Two ultrasound machines were purchased and assigned to the clinic of Dr. Maged, the doctor of the association that takes care of the poor for free, and to a small medical center in the village of Abo Korkas. The two machines are used daily by hundreds of poor, totally free.

3. New Land Project

The conclusion of the project is scheduled for October 2009. Floors, doors and windows of houses were purchased, and need to be installed.


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