Support to Dog Houses

Project location: ITALY
Project start date: June 2001 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2001-02
Beneficiary: Nuova Cuccia


The NPF contribution was not sufficient to entirely cover the running expenses of the kennel, therefore was integrated by other private donations.

The ordinary operations of the kennel included:
• a comprehensive health assessment, with weekly visits to the cages and veterinary visits bi-monthly or quarterly;
• pest prophylaxis (March to September, every 20 days);
• water supply;
• the quarterly purchase of food;
• daily feeding and cleaning cages;
• minor repairs of cages;
• waste disposal.

The extraordinary management included:
• the transport of sick dogs to veterinarians, according to their medical conditions;
• special medical care that cannot be administered at home.

The higher expenditure was for the feeding of dogs, consisting of dry food of good quality and food for older dogs with teeth problems and digestive diseases. The choice of a good quality food, instead of a cheap alternative, was suggested by veterinarians to prevent outbreaks of diseases due to inadequate supply of vitamins. To save money, the food was supplemented with dry bread offered by external parties.

Anti-parasitic prophylaxis was done with the pesticide product "Frontline Combo", but since it was not enough to cover the entire period of prophylaxis, it was integrated with another product, given for free by outside parties because it was near to the expiration date.

Part of the grant was spent for purchasing medicines for animals that needed medical treatment, and other products for cleaning individual animals to prevent dermatitis and skin diseases, and accessories such as leashes, muzzles, shampoos etc..

Meanwhile, some animals died and were cremated, as required by law. Previously, the dead dogs had been buried in the ground, according to the religious beliefs of Mrs. Szoldatics.

Other activities, such as repair and maintenance of small cages, were made when possible by volunteers according to their individual capabilities, taking advantage of materials donated to the kennel, such as the canvas to fill the cages.

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