The Tevere Lab

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: December 2007 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2007-07
Beneficiary: MAREVIVO

An Environmental Conservation Laboratory on the Tiber river in Rome, Italy

Considering the long experience matured by Marevivo Association and its group of experts in the field of the environmental education, Marevivo has developed a far-reaching project that involves all citizens and in particular the primary schools, as to provide models of environmental education for future citizens. In fact, it is essential that citizens and students recover or discover their relationship with the environment, not only as a geographical and naturalistic space but also in a social, economic and cultural fields as clearly and unequivocally indicated in the Acts of the Rio de Janeiro Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development.

With these assumptions, Marevivo has set up its didactic laboratory "The Tevere Lab", a new meeting and confrontation place opened to the school-children and citizens to discover and observe, in a new way, the Tiber.

In particular, the laboratory offers to all the schools that present a request, a series of environmental education activities to study and analyse in depth all the different themes related to the river life.

"The Tevere Lab" is a floating structure, connected to the Marevivo national headquarter. So this laboratory has already been built from the structural point of view and is furnished with the basic programs and the minimum technical-scientific equipments, whereas the furniture and the technical-scientific and didactic equipments should be completed.

At present, "The Tevere Lab" is equipped with:
- a video room;
- an environmental education and didactic laboratory, partially equipped;
- "external spaces" for the observation and research activity, directly on the river.

The Nando Peretti Foundation provided funds to complete the structure. It is necessary to intervene both in the production of specific didactic-divulgate materials and technical-scientific equipments and in completing the structure.
The following activities are being carried out:

Educational-didactic material:

- Lab presentation brochure
The brochure has the purpose to inform about the Tevere Lab, its location, didactic paths with related contents and existing equipments.

-Didactic schedules for teachers
Schedules with suggestions and methodologies to realize didactic paths on the ecosystems.

- Didactic pannels on:
Water cycle, river morphologies, the more significant species present along the three expanses of the river, energy flux that disperses along the river alimentary chain, Tevere fluvial ecosystem to set along the river bank (Marevivo is already in possession of supports).


Technical-scientific material:

- n. 1 complete closed aquarium
- n. 1 aquariumland
- n. 1 audio system with CD player and dolby surround
- n. 100 water analysis kit
- n. 2 currentmetres
- n. 3 webcam
- n. 2 entomological boxes complete of river environment insects
- n. 10 resin fish models
- n. 10 silhouette of the most representative bird species of the fluvial environment
- didactic- divulgation material: publications, thematic dvd, ect.

- structure completion: photovoltaic plant
According to the aims of the Association, as a concrete example of environmental sustainability and for a policy of energy conservation, Marevivo thinks right to make autonomous the laboratory and the other structures connected with it, through the realization of a solar energy production system.



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