House for Single Mothers

Project location: ITALY, Civitavecchia
Project start date: January 2005 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2005-34
Beneficiary: IL PONTE


At this stage plastering work was completed. Plastering of the southern part of the structure and of the basement and first floor was finished. The type of plaster used was one with a 60 REI resistance to fire, applied until required thickness was reach (REI 60 - REI 90 - REI 120).
Some parts of the walls were remodeled to cover the electrical and water system tracks. Some electrical boxes have been added and the slab was set and leveled.
After a week, which is the time required for moisture to evaporate, the floors were laid, glued and plastered.
After plastering, all floors of the ground floor rooms were cleaned with specific products.

The structure of Via Veneto, home of the new community, immediately become operational by welcoming the two major recovery programs which make up the work of "Il Ponte", namely:
- The residential program aimed at children and adolescents at risk of social deviance and / or with problems related to dependence;
- The residential program "Coccinella" aimed at mothers with children with serious social, family and/or dependency problems.

The program for children is divided into preliminary stages with a methodology that provides treatment programs, teaching and education, interacting with each other in space and time.
The "Coccinella" program for women with young children included therapeutic and educational activities specific for the person, implemented through a participatory-interactive methodology. The group work encourages personal growth, while the relationship with the other aims at rehabilitation and growth of children centered on prevention. Born as a project financed by the Lazio Region in 2000, since 2005 this has become a program of the Association, following the positive results and many requests for participation.

In the near future the following activities will be transferred to the Association in the new premises in Via Veneto:
- Relationship Advice Centre
- Self-help Groups
- Educational and recreational summer camps for children
- Center for school recovery and support
- Training process for children and adolescents
- Library.

Training courses will be held in the new facility in addition to seminars and conferences for which the Association has its government approvals:
- Courses approved by the Ministry of Health with ECM credits
- Courses approved by the Ministry of Education for Teachers of all levels, with the attainment of a score
- School for Family Counselors
- Volunteer Courses
- Conventions for projects approved by the European Community, Regional and Local government authorities.

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