Support for the Circolo di San Pietro Homes

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: February 2006 - Project end date: December 2009
Project number: 2006-03
Beneficiary: CIRCOLO S. PIETRO

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The Circolo San Pietro was founded in Rome April 28, 1869 with the motto "Prayer, Action and Sacrifice", to care for the needy in Roma, in the Pope's name.

Today it is divided in various  committees:

• The People's Kitchen, which distributes about 150,000 meals per year;
• The Family Homes Commission, which houses in Via San Giovanni in Rome needy women. The girls receivemoral and spiritual assistance. In Via della Lungaretta it hosts the mothers of children at the Bambin Gesù Hospital;
• The fee Wardrobe, which since 1890 has provided the needy completely new clothing, blankets and bedding ;
• The Commission on Worship and Religious activities,
• The Charity Commission of the Pope;
• The International Aid Commission;
• The Commission for Night Hostels (overnight shelters fot the needy).

In particular, the Night Hostels Commission was established in 1880, to offer hospitality during the night to homeless people, and provide  religious and moral support to hosts. It is in Rome, Vicolo di Santa Maria in Cappella 6, where it hosts the homeless of the diocese of Rome - mainly elderly who do not have a house and receive a minimum pension.

The Hostel in Vicolo di Santa Maria in Cappella was inaugurated on July 1, 1880 with the apostolic blessing of Pope Leo XIII, and currently receives around 18,000 visitors each year. Set up as an economic dormitory, originally it was a large room divided into lanes, which was later divided into small rooms with one or two beds, with the adoption of dividers to ensure guests more privacy.
Despite numerous maintenance works  made to the structure over the years, aimed at ensuring a more suitable stay to guests, the recent regulations on the safety of buildings open to the public, as well as the state of the premises, required major interventions to renovatethe premises.

In 2006 the Circolo San Pietro asked the Nando Peretti Foundation a donation for the renovation of the Hostels, namely the restoration of the roof and for the electrical, thermal and hydraulical systems.

In 2009 the Circolo San Pietro asked the NPF for an additional contribution for the purchase of fireproof furniture, as required by the law. In particular, the grant provided for the purchase of forty new bedrooms, each consisting of a wardrobe, a table and a fireproof chair, to make the structure more modern, safe and comfortable.

In 2015 the NPF awarded a third grant for this project for the following renovation works:

1. Masonry works:

1.1. Left bathroom: demolition and partitions reconstruction, replacement of the exhibitions door shower
1.2. Painting the walls of the dorms, 25 rooms, corridors and stairs.
1.3. Positioning and fixing headboards in all the rooms
1.4. Replacing broken or stained panels.
1.5. Painting stairwell.
1.6. Painting the hall
1.7. Finishing partitions box
1.8. Eliminating moisture

2. Carpentry works :

2.1. Grill door bath floor
2.2. Doors and handles
2.3. Net for the bathroom's window

3. Electrical works:

3.1. New Electrical panel
3.2. New spotlights
3.3. Review and improvement of the alarm
3.4. Revision changes and improvement of the surveillance system

4. Thermo hydraulic Works

4.1. New boiler for the left side

5. Disinfestation works

5.1. Local pest control

6. Furniture

6.1. First Aid furnishings: one medical bed, visit stools kit, ladder, chair, lamp, roll sheet paper.
6.2. Fire retardant pillows
6.3. Fireproof Blanket.
6.4. Mattress

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