Conversion of the former train station into a new Red Cross Unit

Project location: Italy, Palo Laziale
Project start date: January 2008 - Project end date: January 2009
Project number: 2007-22

With this project the local committee of the International Red Cross carried out the complete renovation of its logistic base in Palo Laziale, nearby Ladispoli.


The International Red Cross was granted from Ente Ferrovie dello Stato and other associated companies the following:

- the former station-master office (about 18.000 sq.m.) located in the main building of the train station of Palo Laziale;

-an estate located between SS.1 Aurelia (at km 37.000) and the railway Roma-Ventimiglia;

-some disused water tanks on the road to Ladispoli, in front of the entrance of Odescalchi castle.


The project's aim was to make more operative the Red Cross unit extending the emergency response action to the area of Palo, in order to reduce the time for intervening and to allow for the use of an emergency vehicle as for the "prompt start".


The Nando Peretti Foundation grant was therefore used to restore and rearrange the former station-master office premises, currently used as a warehouse.

On the estate along the Aurelia Road were installed five containers, now used as warehouse and offices, where weekly meetings are regularly held by the Red Cross volunteers for the organization of first aid courses. A fence, a sewage system, an entrance for vehicles and pedestrians, as well as an eco-friendly flooring system were also built on the same estate.

Furthermore, the former disused water tanks were cleaned and restored through an action of "industrial archaeology", which was favourably welcomed by the whole community of Ladispoli.

The renovation of the water tanks, aimed at bringing the latter back to their original aesthetic form, would also have the advantage of witnessing a historic-environmental message of respect for the entire area, which is to recover its original charm and beauty.

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