Catalogue of the Italian Paintings of the XVII Century at the Hermitage Museum

Project location: RUSSIAN FEDERATION, St. Petersburg
Project start date: October 2008 - Project end date: December 2009
Project number: 2008-09

The Nando Peretti Foundation has the pleasure to announce a new intiative by the Fondazione Ermitage Italia, organized on the occasion of the year of Russian Culture and Language in Italy and of Italian Culture and Language in Russia, within the context of a project financed by the Nando Peretti Foundation.

The Concert "SEICENTO MUSICALE ITALIANO - Da Caravaggio a Giordano: Musica e Pittura in quattro Capitali Italiane"
Wednesday, October 19, 7.30 pm
Rome, Senate of the Italian Republic
Palazzo Giustiniani - Sala Zuccari
Via della Dogana Vecchia, 29

The famous Caravaggio's Lute player, together with other painter's masterpieces, was treasured in the Rome-based collection of Vincenzo Giustiniani, a peculiar benefactor and collectionist very keen on Caravaggio's novelties. The sheet music which appears in the foreground of the painting does not bear random musical notes, rather those of the love compositions by Jacques Arcadelt, a Flemish musician of the Reinaissance, particularly appreciated by Giustiniani in his Discorso sulla Music. The composition will be performed during the concert.

International Conference "Il Seicento italiano nelle collezioni dell'Ermitage"
20 October 2011, 10.30 am
Rome, Palazzo Barberini
Via IV Fontane 13

The Conference will be the occasion to officially present the Hermitage Museum's Catalogue of the Italian Paintings of the XVII century, realized with the financial contribution of the Nando Peretti Foundation, and published by the famous publisher Skirà. The catalogue presents a precious collection of 285 masterpieces of all different Italian schools, particularly of those of Rome, Naples and Genoa, together with a significant group of Florentine and Venetian works.

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