Humanitarian help for food

Project location: BURKINA FASO, Koudougou
Project start date: October 2008 - Project end date: January 2009
Project number: 2008-17
Beneficiary: Doyenné De Réo

 May 2009 Report


As of May 2009, cereals (millet, maize, and rice) have been bought and stocked in warehouses. In order to help the local economy, cereals were bought directly from local farmers. 762 sacks of cereals were warehoused.

The actual distribution to the needy will be only in the month of July, which is the beginning of the "hard season". In this period there are serious food shortages, while people must dedicate themselves to agricultural activities. Therefore, an important part of the project is still to be realized. When it is, a complete report will be sent.

There are three important facts to note:

1°- Buying cereals directly from local farmers had a big disadvantage, i.e. not being given receipted invoices. This is because people are not educated and therefore are incapable to produce invoices or things of this kind. To cope with this problem, "décharges" were used. These are documents through which people acknowledge to have received a certain amount of money for a particular good or service.

2° Prices vary from one parish to another due to local market differences due to speculation. The result is that the planned number of sacks of cereals was not actually bought.

3° To get 100kg of cereals 40 measures of a special local plate used as unit are needed. That led us to take 2% of the grant for the purchase of sacks to put cereals in.

We are deeply grateful to the Nando Peretti Foundation for his help to our populations.

Doyenné De Réo
Paroisse saint Alphonse de Liguori,
B.P. 74 Réo, Burkina Faso
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