Bruno Ceccobelli Exhibition at the Pastificio Cerere Foundation

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: November 2008 - Project end date: January 2009
Project number: 2008-22
Beneficiary: Fondazione Pastificio Cerere Onlus

by Lorenzo Benedetti
Opening: Wednesday 26 November 2008 at 6.30 pm Until 16 January

The Pastificio Cerere Foundation is glad to present, INVASI, a solo exhibition of Bruno Ceccobelli, in collaboration with The Nando Peretti Foundation.

If everything were divisible by four

Air. Space constitutes the main attribute to create that peculiar element of identity immediately beyond the threshold of the exposition gallery. With this action we will find ourselves in a dimension where everything is part of the infinite artistic universe. Even air becomes an intrinsic element of the artistic process, from the space around the works of art, to the entire environment surrounding the spectators. The aura of the expositive space, with its own particular history and the artists living presence in the building, is enriched by this extraordinary additional piece. Ceccobelli, attempts to use the most characteristic spatial elements in his installation, exploiting peculiar inner features of the space. The sound coming out from the air piping becomes an opportunity for feeling the building itself, for giving a voice to the space, to the place that represents a symbolic artistic location in the city. The sound spread out in the whole space, exploiting void as matter. For this reason it creates the best condition for integrating a work of art to the absence of place.

Earth. Fondazione Pastificio Cerere presents another exhibition of one of the Foundation resident artists. The uniqueness of the Foundation precisely consists in showing what has been created in its spaces. Place and space combine together. Space, as air, is constituted by a dynamic and mobile nature which fluctuates through several possibilities and expositive practices, from place to place, adjusting itself to the surroundings and, at the same time, deforming the environment with its identity. The place again relates to its history and to its artists who created a particular chapter of the art production in Rome. Ceccobellli inhabits the spaces of Pastificio Cerere through his installation, which is loaded of symbologies, as is his custom. The main reference is to the four natural elements which often characterized the limit between science and art, and whose roots are lost in mythological and legendary domains.

Fire. For this exhibition, Ceccobelli presents an installation whose symbols and forms merge together to show the combination between an historical aspect and a place. Seven shapes of terracotta have been arranged on the main floor of the exhibition space creating a smooth curve. Each shape has a figure, a face, a self-portrait on the top of the raku ceramic pot. A flame dynamically consumes the wax faces, transforming and deforming the figures. At the bases of the ceramic pots, opposed to the flame, some water comes out.

Water. Time, which passes, flowing and consuming, maybe constitutes one of the principal components of this work. Time deforms the work of art, connoting the sense of absoluteness suggested by the four elements.

Lorenzo Benedetti

think global, act local
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