"Nicola Bruti Liberati" Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies in Quantitative Finance

Project location: ITALY
Project start date: September 2009 - Project end date: August 2010
Project number: 2008-50

Over the past three decades the explosive growth in trading of financial derivatives has been reflected in a commensurate growth in the study of financial mathematics, which in turn has helped to support the increasing sophistication of financial markets. In its broadest sense Quantitative Finance is concerned with the mathematical modeling of financial and related risks, associated with the trading, valuation, and risk management of financial instruments. It relies on mathematical finance and computer simulations to make trading, hedging, and investment decisions, as well as facilitating the management of risk in those decisions. This project provides for the establishment of a scholarship in the name of Nicola Bruti Liberati (the son of Deputy Public Prosecutor of Milan and former President of the National Magistrates Association Edmondo Bruti Liberati) who died in Sydney in a car accident in 2007. He was 31 years old and was a graduate in Economics. At the time of the accident he was residing in Sydney, where he was professor at the University of Technology. Nicola Bruti-Liberati submitted his PhD thesis in April 2007, receiving outstanding evaluations from his examiners. In May 2008 he posthumously received the Chancellor's Award for the best PhD thesis at UTS in 2007. The world of quantitative financial research is significantly poorer for the premature loss of this talented and hard working young researcher. The scholarship aims at allowing young students to pursue postgraduate studies on issues of Quantitative Finance (PhD courses or post-doctorate studies) at internationally accredited institutions. The scholarship will have duration of one year and will start in February, to allow candidates to select courses for the coming year. An Experts Committee of the Department of Mathematics, nominated in agreement with the Foundation, will conduct evaluation of candidates. The scholarship will be used to attend a PhD course or to develop post-doctoral studies approved by the Experts Committee.
The Nando Peretti Foundation has approved this project to provide a scholarship that will allow young and talented students to pursue postgraduate studies on issues of Quantitative Finance, attending PhD courses or post-doctoral studies at internationally accredited institutions and promoting therefore the importance of such a mathematical discipline in Italy.



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