Scholarship for 50 Girls at Two Schools

Project location: TANZANIA, Kigoma
Project start date: March 2009 - Project end date: March 2010
Project number: 2008-46
Beneficiary: SEDEG

Project Report, July 2009

Poor and vulnerable girls carry the heaviest burden of illiteracy in kigoma due to different factors responsible for poor female literate including: Gender based inequality, Social discrimination and economic exploitation, Occupation of girl child in domestic chores, Low enrolment of girls in schools, Low retention rate and high drop-out rate.
Following the problems above quoted, SEDEG decided to initiate the project of supporting education of girls with a vision to promote the participation of girls in school and break factors conducive to the high rate of girls and women literacy.
This report highlights different activities conducted, its impact and faced challenges in the overall implementation cycle of the project.
Implemented activities
Over this period of the project implementation, two activities have been implemented. This includes:

1. Selection of targets.
As elaborated in the project, the first month from the fund acquirement is devoted to make a preparation and presentation of the project in order to identity the targets. SEDEG organized one meeting with headmaster and representatives of school committee at katubuka secondary school headed by Benjamin Gabriel. The meeting on the presentation of the project and selection of targets have been made on March 25 in Katubuka. Afterward from this event, SEDEG got a list of vulnerable girls studying their in and their vulnerability recognized by the regional health and welfare service. For confirmation and decision of support, SEDEG organized a meeting with beneficiaries and direct contact with caregivers of identified girls. At this stage of first installment of the fund, 24 girls have been enrolled for support.

2. Support of targets at schools
After enrollment for support, 24 girls in Katubuka secondary have been proved to get support after official registration by SEDEG for records.
All girls have got their school fees paid for the first and second term, three sets of uniforms, two pairs of shoes purchased and a contribution to the living expenses covered.
By providing this kind of support, SEDEG collaborated deeply with headmaster and chairs of school committee to ensure that the support is delivered without discrimination.

Impact of the project
As for the first time, the kind this project to be carried out in Kigoma region, many outcomes have been identified.

Family caregivers of supported girls noticed the project being for the most important initiative which brought to the community the since of female education.

The project is also noticed to be an instrument of reducing the gender gap in literacy while the targets themselves are moved from the scope of uncertainty and school drop -out due to the family and emotional impacts developed by their caregivers.

The project increased given girls an opportunity to break the isolation which is socially structured into their lives while officers of education, local government officials are taking the initiative to be an innovative one and encouraging act to other stakeholders who are invited to join ways shown by SEDEG as a modern initiative .


SEDEG would like to the Nando perreti foundation for financial support without it this project would fail at this stage , to be implemented


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