Long-term residential Community Center for young people with severe psychological illnesses

Project location: ITALY
Project start date: December 2003 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2003-51
Beneficiary: Mario Lugli Foundation


The project consists in creating a new residential structure for persons affected by chronic psychiatric illnesses. Its aim is to organize long-term therapeutic and rehabilitative activities. The underlying objective of the project is to provide a medium/high security structure for those who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia (from the 30 to 55 year age bracket) where they can benefit from rehabilitation and avoid a deterioration of their condition and quality of life.

The project funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation aims to restructure a residential center, equipping it for 8 (maximum 10) people in the long-term. The center will be organized in such a way as to ensure that patients enjoy a certain amount of autonomy. There will be a maximum of two people per room and sufficient space for each person to have a desk and a small library. There will be a bathroom for every two rooms, with a shower unit. The center will have a kitchen where patients can cook together and a common dining area with several tables where patients can freely choose who to eat with. Other rooms will be reserved for internal rehabilitation activities and television. The garden will provide an outdoor recreation area as well as the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables. Finally the staff will also have their own quarters, equipped for day and night shifts. Each staff member will be assigned a maximum of three patients (so there will be a total of 9 day staff qualified in psychology or rehabilitation therapies working shifts of 12 hours with 3 staff members active on any one shift). The nightshift will be worked by a nurse and one certified care operator (the center will have a total of 4 night nurses and 4 certified care operators with shifts from 8 in the evening to 12 noon the following day). 2 psychiatrists qualified in rehabilitation and psychotherapy will also be on stand-by during the day and in case of eventual emergencies. Another psychologist will liaise with similar structures and agencies for the planning of group activities and external visits, as well as providing daily support to the staff and overseeing the activities undertaken by the patients. The center will also engage the services of a cook, able to interact with patients and cooperate with them in the preparation of meals. Lastly, there will be a person responsible for cleaning.


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