Long-term residential Community Center for young people with severe psychological illnesses

Project location: ITALY
Project start date: December 2003 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2003-51
Beneficiary: Mario Lugli Foundation


The project "One Planet" (Pianeta Unico) (Year two) of the Mario Lugli Foundation is an essential part of a therapeutic healing process of rehabilitation for 10 psychiatric patients aged between 18 to 35 years old. The realization of the Project, started in February 2007 and carried out up until now with outcomes of great therapeutic relevance on the main actors (the psychiatric patients) has been made possible thanks to the essential contribution of the Nando Peretti Foundation. The core idea of this intervention is characterized by the concept of mobility, which is intended as a "going towards" the patients through meeting their needs in a practical and realistic manner, and by a flexibility of the therapeutic response that adapts itself more and more to the individual situations and the specific problems , promoting in this way new therapeutic pathways and opportunities of integration in the field of work.

The acquisition and maintenance of the necessary skills for a good social integration and the individuation of the resources in the community functional to the project, will be among the main elements of the intervention.

A craft workshop will take place twice a week, for three hours each day with the supervision of a technician in charge and with the help of a rehabilitation assistant. On a monthly basis there will be a technical and organizational meeting with the psychologist and a clinical supervision, carried out by a psychiatrist, to deepen the relational dynamics and the inner emotional experiences among the participants to the working group.
The organization will use various intervention strategies, such as:
- Reinforcing social skills to increase patients confidence and self-esteem;
- Given a financial reward to patients who take part in the workshop, as an acknowledgement for the work done.
In the future it is intended to take the work done not only in local markets and fairs but also to establish agreements with territorial Institution in order to increase visibility and to market the products themselves.
Having in mind a more complex evolution of the actual project, the organization has individuated two or three patients which will be able to function as Tutors to the future newcomers, so that they will feel rewarded in the results obtained in the process, by being given a new role and responsibility and an adequate financial reward. These patients, as tutors, will have the task of transmitting to the new comers to the workshop the technical and expressive competencies already acquired always under the careful evaluation of the rehabilitation assistants present in the workshop
The organization intends to open the workshop to five newcomers, because after the careful observation of each individual involved at present, they found an high degree of efficacy and efficiency of the intervention, both as an improvement in the psychopathological and relational level and as an improvement in communication in the patient who is gratified by the satisfaction in the work done and in the ability of carrying out the task assigned.

To conduct such activity, the organization needs, for the second year, to use a space better suited to the new production demands. A space is needed which will allow to carry out the work in an independent, autonomous and well organized manner. That is why it has became an absolute necessity to rent a space in an urban contest, possibly in an area with a high density of commercial facilities, easily reachable by public transports.


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