Supporting the Building of the Community for the Disabled “La Casa del Ciliegio”

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: April 2009 - Project end date: April 2010
Project number: 2009-08
Beneficiary: C.O.E.S ONLUS

November 2009

- Purchase and fitting of clatter about express in basaltic 3x20x100, subject to perimetrical preparation of the vertical one 20 sq. m.
- Realization of the outside course (cretonato) for pavement and patio. 208 sq.m.
- Electrical system completion: threading for 300 preset light points.
- Ground floor internal course and first flat. 330 sq.m.;
Building works for secondary volume realization (partly).

La Casa del Ciliegio

La Casa del Ciliegio

La Casa del Ciliegio

La Casa del Ciliegio


July 2009 Project Report

-Completion of the main bulding, inclusive of internal plastering, chases and laying of corrugated pipes for electric installation, interior window sills;
-Painting of the main building
-Dismantling scaffolding and backfill
-Structural work in laminated wood for the second part of the living room and the roof of the patio;
-Completing work of the living room: block covering, sheet covering; vertical walls and predisposition for installations.

At the same time, work towards the completion and the final touches to the building will be started, all the installations, exterior layout and connection to the town networks.
Works done with the first part of the fund granted by the Nando Peretti Foundation
May 2009
-Interior plastering with premixed mortar S. Pellegrino lime, with cement smoothing

Works done with the second part of the fund granted by the Nando Peretti Foundation
July 2009

-Predisposition of electrical, telephone, TV, data transmission, and alarm systems, electrical panels for 300 points, including masonry work;
-Purchase and fitting of 13 interior window sills;
-Purchase and fitting of 2 PVC downpipes, inclusive of special parts and securing clamps;
-Purchase and fitting of a 20 cm x 10ml ridge cap, 16 square meters of sheat slate, 16 square meters of lime under floor finished with KC1 for the lift covering;
-Painting of exterior facade with silossanic paint over 1 coat of insulating paint and 3 coats of paint;
-Strenghtening structure for the roof perimetral scossalina;
-Levelling of exterior ground, demolitionn of tuff structure, removal of cement frame, transport of waste material to the Municipal Dump.


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