Costruction of a New Building at the Disha Center for Disabled Children

Project location: INDIA, Jaipur
Project start date: July 2002 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2001-20
Beneficiary: DISHA

2009 Final Report

Please click on the following link to download the 2009 report [pdf 1MB]

Disha Center for Disabled Children
Repaired and newly painted furniture
Disha is a premier non profit organization working for the cause of mentally, physically and neurologically challenged children. Disha was started by an eminent educationist Mrs. P. N. Kavoori who was also the founder principal of S. M. School own by the late Queen Mother of Jaipur Maharani Gayatri Devi. All mainstream schools have 14% children suffering from Learning Disability which bothered Mrs. Kavoori a great deal. After twelve years in the mainstream education she quit her job and started a small school for the special children and named it as "DISHA" which means direction. She always had the Queen Mother's blessings and mental support. Realizing the dedication and zeal of Mrs. Kavoori, the queen mother arranged Mrs. Elsa Peretti's meeting with her in one of her visits to Jaipur. Mrs. Elsa Peretti was kind enough to sanction a project of a new building for Disha and thus NPF provided financial assistance to create an infrastructure for the Disha which is one of its own kind in the country and the interested people in architecture across the country visit Disha to study the excellent architecture of this building. This building was inaugurated in 12th December 2004 and ever since Disha has achieved new heights in providing its services to the children suffering from disability and creating human resources for the same.

Disha works through its centres -
- Special Education - Educating nearly 150 special children.
- Teachers Training - training teachers for this field, officially recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India.
- Vocational Training - training children for earning jobs.
- Home Management - training parents to handle their children, officially recognized by National Trust.
- Physiotherapy- giving motion training to children.
- Speech Therapy - children suffering from multiple disabilities need speech therapy
- Research - building data for advocacy, opening more such institutions.

The institute has earned special awards from the Govt. and other agencies for its contribution to the cause of disability.
It's after the four years of the new building, paint of the walls, railings, doors and windows and furniture started wearing out. Disha again approached NPF for assisting in the renovation work. A proposal was submitted to NPF in April 2009 and they were kind enough to agree to extend support instantly.

The final work of renovation started in December 2009. The implementing agency of the project was "Banwari Lal Kumawat - Interior Designer & Vastu Guru".

The school was closed for Christmas break towards the end of December so the classrooms were available for painting the walls, windows and furniture. But most work was done while the school was running and the workers had to work in the afternoon and late evening. The repair and paint to the walls and furniture was done simultaneously. A part of the grills of atrium area and windows were done during the holidays but rest was done slowly going one classroom at a time and combining the students to other classes.
The institute has a brand new look after the work is over. The children are excited using the new furniture and painted boards. The fresh new look of the surrounding also help children feel more confident and taking interest in different activities.

Disha is thankful to "Nando Peretti Foundation" for its ever standing support and contribution to the disability at large.


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