Assistance to Sick People in Economic Difficulties

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: December 2006 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2006-34
Beneficiary: Associazione Gli Amici della Mano Tesa

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The Association "Gli Amici della Mano Tesa" was created by its President, Fabrizio Caracciolo di Brianza, with the main purpose to provide personalized assistance for the elderly and sick people in serious economic difficulty. To purse its mission of "pure beneficence", the Association devotes great attention to the selection and assessment of the individual cases to be assisted, as well as to the identification of the necessary charity actions to be taken.

 The Nando Peretti Foundation has been supporting Gli Amici della Mano Tesa's work since 2006, renewing its financial assistance to some of the Association's specific charity projects over the years.

 The grants awarded by the NPF to Gli Amici della Mano Tesa are meant to cover the purchase of food items and medicines, the payment of bills or the rent of flats for the needy people assisted by the Association, in the attempt to relieve their suffering and needs.

 Most of the assisted are indeed sick or invalid old people. They undergo medical examinations by the national health service, wherever possible. However, some specialists are not offered by the national health service and need to be remunerated, and above all several medical products need to be purchased, in addition to some food supplements which are very important for the elderly. Many of the assisted are not even entitled to receive the full social pensions, because they are under the age of 65 years, even if they are disabled. Clearly, as early as the middle of the month comes, many people are no longer able to buy food for them and their families.

 Assistance has been also provided, through the Association, to a group of homeless people, living in the streets in improvised beds together with their dogs.

Besides needy individuals, over the years, thanks to the NPF help, Gli Amici della Mano Tesa has supported charitable organizations, such as:

 Terre des Hommes; The Colony of Pilar (Paraguay); The Christian Missions for blind people of the world; The Organization Sightsaver International, aiming to combat blindness in developing countries; The Organization Friends of Raoul Follerau, against leprosy; The Association L'Albero della Vita, to sustain the abandoned children; The Italian Foundation against Multiple Sclerosis (FISM); The Organization LIPU for the protection of Birds; The ARCA Onlus;Vidas Association for terminal ills; Leniterapia Association, for terminal ills, and many others.

In 2015 this project received a grant, making it the ninth year of financial support from the NPF.


Associazione Gli Amici della Mano Tesa
Borgo Pio, 51
00193 Rome, Italy

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